Delta Electronics, Delta Introduces DX-2400L9 Series Industrial 4G/WAN Routers

Delta has announced the launch of its DX-2400L9 Series Industrial 4G/WAN DIACloud Routers, poised to significantly impact industrial automation with unparalleled features designed to redefine remote control and monitoring. The new DX-2400L9 promises to emerge as a beacon of connectivity in the industrial automation sector.

Man Control. Image Credit: Delta Electronics, Inc

Innovative Design and Security

The DX-2400L9 is designed to resonate with a diverse array of businesses involved in industrial automation seeking reliable solutions for remote control and monitoring of automation systems. From manufacturing facilities to energy plants, logistics hubs, and agricultural operations, the DX-2400L9 is tailored to meet the connectivity needs. Designed to fit any cabinet, the DX-2400L9 offers flexible connection options, including 4G cellular network or WAN broadband interfaces, with configurable WAN/LAN ports. It establishes a secure tunnel between the user and the remote site through Delta DIACloud servers, eliminating the need for an additional VPN server. Its built-in firewall, stateful packet inspection, and advanced security protocols provide robust protection against cyber threats, ensuring safe data transmission. Additionally, the DX-2400L9 is compatible with leading PLC brands and offers DIACloud integration, enhancing operational efficiency and the cloud experience.

Redefining Connectivity

In a world where accessibility is paramount, the DX-2400L9 offers unprecedented benefits to its users. It enables users to monitor and control equipment from anywhere in the world, while robust cybersecurity 1/2 measures ensure data integrity and confidentiality. Despite its advanced features, the DX-2400L9 remains cost-effective, presenting an optimal balance between affordability and functionality. It boosts operational efficiency by enabling secure remote connections, ensuring real-time data visibility and control, all without requiring an IT background. Robust cybersecurity measures fortify this system, minimizing downtime through efficient monitoring and control capabilities.

Ufuk Ozer, Cloud and Connectivity Specialist, Industrial Automation Business Group at Delta EMEA, shares his insights on the introduction of the DX-2400L9 Series, “We keep working hard to continuously improve remote access and IIoT solutions to enhance productivity. With Delta DX-2400L9 Series, we offer a robust IIoT platform for businesses to enhance their productivity and minimize downtime, all while ensuring the highest standards of data security.”

Delta's DX-2400L9 Series heralds a new era in industrial connectivity, offering unparalleled features that meet the evolving needs of the industrial sector. For businesses seeking to leverage the latest in IIoT technology to secure remote connection, reduce downtime, and streamline operations, the DX-2400L9 Series presents a comprehensive solution.



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