Kemtai Partners with EXI to Deliver AI-Guided Personalized Physical Therapy

EXI, a clinically-validated, personalized physical activity solution, has integrated Kemtai into its mobile application in order to deliver AI-guided physical activity to its members. Kemtai is a computer vision AI exercise platform that provides real-time feedback and corrective guidance to scale medical fitness and physical therapy. Kemtai has developed the most advanced computer vision motion tracking technology available in the market, which analyzes 111 body points, supports 2000+ different exercises, runs on any device with a camera, and does not require any hardware or sensors. This partnership marks EXI's latest step in using cutting-edge technology to provide personalized programs to its growing member base.

With 78% of US adults living sedentary lifestyles and approximately 60% having at least one chronic condition, EXI aims to support a diverse member population. It was created with this population in mind, developed for individuals who simply strive to improve their physical activity or lose weight, those preparing for or recovering from surgeries (e.g., bariatric surgery, cardiac rehab), as well as many dealing with other chronic conditions (e.g., diabetes, depression). EXI takes exercise recommendations to the next level by providing automated, adaptive programs and personalized data insights. Kemtai supports this mission by bringing the next generation of guided physical activity, safe technique tracking, and adherence tracking to the homes of EXI members.

"We are delighted to partner with Kemtai to deliver even more personalized care to our users," said Grace McNamara, EXI's CEO. "We're designed to support people who are learning how to warm-up, build strength, improve heart health, improve balance, and increase flexibility. Kemtai provides the market's leading computer vision technology, and it will enhance our safety, engagement, personalization, and outcomes to further empower our members to take control of their health."

EXI has implemented Kemtai directly into its mobile application using Kemtai's robust API framework to provide a seamless guided exercise experience to its members. Without any additional sensors or hardware, Kemtai will deliver accessible, real-time guidance to EXI members on any mobile device with a camera. This level of convenience can help drive the education and adherence necessary for those learning to be physically active to achieve their most challenging health goals.

"EXI and Kemtai are natural partners, both on a mission to provide more scalable and personalized exercise solutions," added Mike Telem, Kemtai's co-founder and CBO. "EXI has the ability to reach a very important population on a global scale. We are excited that our real-time guidance and granular performance tracking will play a key role in improving quality of life for EXI's members.

With EXI's ability to support treatment for 20+ comorbid physical and mental conditions and Kemtai's vast exercise library, the EXI and Kemtai partnership opens the door to innovative treatment for an extremely diverse population in Europe, the US, and beyond. Together, the two organizations hope to create lasting, positive change for those who need it most.

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