QINT.APP Launches Advanced AI Platform for UK Sustainability Disclosure Standards

QINT.APP, a leading provider of Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solutions, has launched an advanced AI-driven platform designed specifically for Sustainability Disclosure Standards (SDS) in the United Kingdom. This introduction coincides with the latest directives from His Majesty's Treasury (HMT) and the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) aimed at broadening the UK's sustainability disclosure and labeling regime.

HMT's Strategic Implementation Update

On 16 May 2024, HMT released its Sustainability Disclosure Requirements (SDR): Implementation Update 2024, outlining the forthcoming phases of the UK's sustainability framework. Central to this update is the endorsement of the International Sustainability Standards Board (ISSB) standards, set to be integrated into UK regulations as UK Sustainability Reporting Standards by Q1 2025.

QINT.APP's AI technology is engineered to ensure seamless compliance with these new standards. It empowers UK-listed companies—and potentially other UK-based businesses—to produce comprehensive sustainability reports aligned with ISSB guidelines efficiently.

FCA's Consultation on Expanding SDR Scope

In tandem with HMT's efforts, the FCA has initiated a consultation to extend the SDR and labeling regime to include portfolio management services offered by FCA-authorised firms. This consultation, open until 14 June 2024, aims to finalize new regulatory requirements by the latter half of the year.

QINT.APP's AI platform is adept at supporting portfolio managers through these regulatory changes. It offers capabilities that assist in managing investments, ensuring compliance with sustainability metrics, and producing the necessary disclosures to meet the FCA's enhanced standards.

QINT.APP's AI-driven platform offers a suite of comprehensive reporting tools that align seamlessly with the forthcoming UK Sustainability Reporting Standards. These tools enable companies to create detailed sustainability reports that adhere to ISSB guidelines, ensuring they meet all new regulatory requirements efficiently and accurately.

The platform also enhances disclosure capabilities, supporting the expanded requirements set by the FCA. It ensures that sustainability claims are clear, fair, and substantiated, helping firms maintain transparency and trust. Additionally, the platform includes functionalities for voluntary sustainable investment labels, allowing firms to showcase their sustainability commitments effectively.

For portfolio management integration, QINT.APP's AI technology caters to discretionary management services, ensuring compliance with anti-greenwashing regulations. It provides robust standards for managing sustainability-focused portfolios, helping portfolio managers align their investment strategies with regulatory expectations.

Furthermore, the platform assists firms with over £5 billion in assets under management (AUM) in producing sustainability entity reports. These reports build on existing TCFD entity-level reporting frameworks, offering a comprehensive view of a firm's sustainability performance and ensuring compliance with evolving disclosure standards.

As the UK embarks on enhancing its sustainability disclosure requirements, QINT.APP's AI-driven platform is poised to provide critical support. With advanced tools and comprehensive compliance features, this AI solution ensures businesses can efficiently navigate and meet their new regulatory obligations.

Amid a backdrop of tightening sustainability regulations, QINT.APP delivers a robust AI solution for SDS. As UK companies prepare to align with new ISSB standards and FCA directives, QINT.APP stands ready to facilitate a smooth transition, reinforcing its position as a leader in sustainability compliance technology.

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