Magnetic Labs AG Introduces AI Innovation to Revolutionize Vehicle Servicing and Repair

Magnetic Labs AG is excited to announce the launch of Dynamo AI, a groundbreaking innovation designed to revolutionize vehicle servicing and repair. As the world's first audio mechanics assistant, Dynamo AI is poised to transform how mechanics work, saving valuable time, removing interruptions and improving efficiency in garages. This is important because the largest profit driver in garages is mechanics labour, and garages face chronic shortages of skilled mechanics.

Mike Duggan, Co-founder of Magnetic Labs AG, comments on Dynamo's development: "The pace of change in AI is incredible, and we've seen a massive leap in what Dynamo can do in just the last few months. We're close to offering a genuinely immersive experience — one where you forget you're not talking to a super smart person who just happens to know the answers to all of your questions. We're excited for people to experience this and let us know what they think."

Dynamo AI: Enhancing Mechanics' Productivity

Dynamo AI is an audio assistant that mechanics can interact with via a Bluetooth earpiece. By simply speaking, mechanics can receive real-time answers to critical questions:

- How much and what type of fluid is needed?
- Are the required parts in stock?
- What are the torque settings?
- What are the likely causes of specific error codes?
- Request diagrams and other essential information
- How long should a task take?
- How much time is left on this task?

Michael Wyden of Garage Wyden AG attests to Dynamo's effectiveness: "The accuracy of this information is very good and I use Dynamo every day. On a busy day, Dynamo saves each mechanic about an hour per day."

Tailored for busy garages

Dynamo AI is particularly beneficial for busy garages dealing with diverse vehicle types. Instead of interrupting their work to access a computer, mechanics can now get instant information while staying focused on their tasks. This results in less frustration and a more seamless workflow.

Garage Management Assistant

Dynamo AI also offers features that streamline garage management, including:

- Invoice preparation and customer messaging.
- Notifications for job completion
- Additional work approvals.

This automation reduces the time spent on administrative tasks and minimizes the need for back-and-forth communication.

Early Access and Further Information

Early access to Dynamo AI is available from 9 July 2024. To sign up, visit [](

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