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SS Innovations Installs First Surgical Robotic System in Nepal at Baidya & Banskota Hospital

SS Innovations International, Inc. (the Company” or “SS Innovations”) (OTC: SSII), developer of innovative surgical robotic technologies dedicated to making world-class robotic surgery affordable and accessible to a global population, today announced that its SSi Mantra Surgical Robotic System (“SSi Mantra”) has been installed at Baidya & Banskota Hospital (“B&B Hospital”) in Kathmandu, Nepal marking the first time a surgical robotic system has been installed in Nepal. SSi Mantra’s cutting-edge technology underscores B&B Hospital’s commitment to delivering superior healthcare and helps position the institution at the forefront of medical innovation in the region.

The collaboration between SS Innovations and B&B Hospital represents a breakthrough in Nepalese healthcare. Under the leadership of Prof. Dr. Jagdish Lal Baidya, Dr. Niraj Lal Baidya and Dr. Saroj Lal Baidya, and support from Prof. Dr. Ashok Kumar Banskota B&B Hospital in Gwarko, Lalitpur has become the first hospital in Nepal to install this advanced surgical robotic system, which we believe will greatly benefit many patients across that country.

The SSi Mantra is known for its precision, minimally invasive capabilities and advanced technology, helping to ensure enhanced surgical outcomes and quicker recovery times for patients. By integrating this state-of-the-art system, B&B Hospital will be able to offer its surgical patients access to the highest standards of medical treatment.

Commenting on the installation of SSi Mantra in Nepal, President and COO of SS Innovations, Dr Vishwa Srivastava, said “We are extremely proud of being able to provide this much-needed technology to our Himalayan neighbours in the north. We have full faith that the excellent doctors at B&B Hospital will help elevate the level of care in Nepal. This placement is a powerful reminder of what inspired us to develop our SSi Mantra Surgical Robotic System and make it affordable and accessible for all.”

On the installation of the SSi Mantra robotic system in B&B Hospital, Prof. Dr. Jagdish Lal Baidya, Co-Founder of B&B Hospital, commented “We are thrilled to announce that B&B Hospital has become the first institution in Nepal to install the cutting-edge SSi Mantra robotic surgical system. This advanced technology will assist in performing several key specialty surgeries, greatly enhancing patient care. SSi Mantra's groundbreaking technology has the potential to transform the way we perform surgeries, significantly benefiting our patients with its minimally invasive approach and superior precision. At B&B Hospital, we are always working towards improving the techniques and technologies to make surgeries safe, minimally invasive, and cost-effective.”

On the installation of the SSi Mantra robotic system in B&B Hospital, Prof. Dr. Ashok K Banskota, Co-Founder of B&B Hospital, commented - “Very happy and momentous occasion in the history of the development of surgery in Nepal, and in particular of the services at B&B Hospital. Hopefully, many Nepali patients will now be able to avail of the expertise underlying the advantages provided by robotic surgery technology. Hearty congratulations to all who have worked tirelessly to make this service available for the first time in Nepal. It is a long-cherished dream now fulfilled for our leader in Surgery/ Urology, Prof. Dr Jagdish Lal Baidya! I have great hopes for the success of this venture.”

B&B Hospital and SS Innovations intend to collaborate with the goal of setting a new standard for healthcare in Nepal by providing patients with cutting-edge robotic surgical options. This collaboration underscores a shared vision of decentralizing excellence and making innovative medical solutions accessible to all, irrespective of socioeconomic and geographical barriers.

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