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Reportlinker Releases Pharmacy Automation Research Report

Reportlinker on analyzing the current operations, trends and new patents of the pharmacy automation market, has released a research report which can be accessed from its catalogue,” Pharmacy Automation: Technologies and Global Markets.”

Other factors taken for study include the pharmacy’s cost overheads, statistical data for medication errors, medication storage and other critical issues faced by the pharmacy automation market.

The pharmacy automation market has been continuously developing innovative technologies which can profoundly enhance their efficiency. The increase in the number of health care experts, manufacturers, customers and the rising demand for ensuring security, industry standards has resulted in the growth of the automation market. These aspects served as the reasons behind the Reportlinker research.

The data for this research report was gathered by means of primary and secondary data-collection methods. The primary data-collection was done by interviewing 50 significant clinical experts, product managers of the pharmacy automation sector. Various resources for the secondary data-collection include literature, survey in the fields of pharmacy services and technology, pharmacy-based business journals and investment reports.

According to the research report, by the end of this year, the worth of the global pharmacy automation market will be $2.2 billion. By increasing at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 4.6%, the market will touch $2.7 billion by 2015. The bigger share will be contributed by the inpatient pharmacy automation. The projected revenue of the current year’s outpatient pharmacy automation is $456 million and by 2015 a revenue of $510 million is expected at a CAGR increase of 2.3%.

This research report is developed to serve as a useful tool in offering an extensive analysis of the worldwide pharmacy automation market. Though the geographical scope of this study is global, pharmacy automation markets of the US/ Canada and the European Union have been highlighted. The pharmacy automation markets are recognized by their automation product types, inpatient and outpatient settings and their other sub-settings. The data is revealed in current U.S dollars. Other than the base year (2010), the report also offers historical data for the last two years and also the projected data for 2015.


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