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Raytheon Releases XOS 2 Robotic Suit

Raytheon Company has released a new Exoskeleton (XOS 2) a robotic suit which is tougher, quicker and weightless in contrast to its previous generation XOS 1 suit. The power consumed by this new robotic suit is 50% lesser than its forerunner.

The launch of XOS 2 was made during a presentation with Paramount Home Entertainment at Raytheon’s research facility in Utah on the occasion of the release of ‘Iron Man 2’ on September 28th from Paramount Home Entertainment.

XOS 2 Robotic suit

Dr. Fraser M. Smith, VP of Operations, Raytheon Sarcos has stated that XOS 1 was basically an evidence of concept. He said that with XOS 2, they had focused on reducing power intake and conducted research on the effective utilization of hydraulic energy, which can profoundly enhance the capabilities of XOS 2. He further mentioned that the robotic suits are indispensable and will be widely used in another five years.

The robotic suit finds its application in several logistics tasks encountered by the defense personnel. It helps them to quickly lift heavy objects, thereby minimizing sprain, orthopedic wounds and other physical exertions. It was reported that one military personnel in XOS 2 suit can perform the tasks of around three combatants, thereby enabling them to carry out several premeditated tasks.

The robotic suit embraces a group of sensors, actuators, structures and controllers and receives power from high pressure hydraulics. By wearing this exoskeleton, the users can lift 200 pounds of weight several times without difficulty. They can also tirelessly and incessantly pierce through a wood piece of thickness 3 inches. Although this robotic suit was created for the US military, it is so adaptive that it can be used for kicking a soccer ball, ascending a staircase, punching a speed bag etc.

XOS 2 is otherwise known as the real “Iron Man” suit since its toughness resembles Tony Stark’s latest suit in the movies.

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