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Innovation First Labs Inc. Releases New HEXBUG Micro Robotic Creatures

Innovation First Labs Inc., a developer of HEXBUG Micro Robotic Creatures, has released new additions to their growing list of robotic creatures like HEXBUG Nano, HEXBUG Spider and their habitat sets including Nano Bridge Battle, Raceway and Elevation. The company has decided to launch these robotic products in the retail market during the holiday season.

In contrast to the conventional toys, Hexbug products link scientific technology with children’s inherent desire for bugs, thereby offering creative and lively playtime. These creatures perform life-like actions and provide fun and exhilaration to robotics.

HEXBUG Nano is a lively robotic bug whose size is 1.75 inch. By utilizing the physics of vibration, it can run on tiny steps on soft surfaces, analyzing its surroundings. It can be operated during the day and night. HEXBUG spider has six legs, a LED eye for forward vision, 360° navigation and an infrared remote control for enabling the function of multiple bugs at a time. ‘Bridge Battle’ habitat set enables the formation of an exclusive battlefield for the HEXBUG Nano and it features 29 pieces which can be easily joined and two uncommon HEXBUG Nanos. ‘Raceway’ enables the children to build their own race path, includes risky divides and difficult turns and at the end they can race their HEXBUG Nanos. ‘Elevation’ includes various levels of bridges and spirals which can hold a complete set of HEXBUG Nanos, providing a better view for the Nano which is involved in exploration. It has 52 easily connectable pieces and two rare Nanos.

Chris Troyak, President of Innovation First Labs, Inc. has stated that last year’s release of HEXBUG Nano and the Habitat Set had received overwhelming reactions from their retail partners, children and parents, which had potentially led to the development of their new product line which is scheduled to be launched for the holiday season.


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