EGE to Include Automated Baggage Screening System

Eagle County Regional Airport (EGE) has received a grant of $4.6 million from Transportation Security Administration (TSA) for including an automated system for inspecting the in-line baggage.

Rene Dhenin, Federal Security Director of TSA has stated that this new technology will effectively organize the luggage screening process, thereby intensifying the security at the airport. He added that it also ensures quick and efficient inspection, providing great experience for their passengers.

It was reported that the new automated baggage handling system can provide 100% in-line baggage checking and can profoundly serve around 200,000 travelers who are using this airport every year.

Chris Anderson, Eagle County Regional Airport Terminal Manager expressed his pleasure over partnering with TSA and he added that they are eagerly awaiting the completion of this project which can result in enhanced customer service and improved security at the airport.

This new automated baggage inspection system adopts state-of-the-art technology for rapidly checking for explosives while effectively organizing the boarding and ticketing process. This method can help to bring down the necessity of travelers taking their checked luggage to a screening location before moving to the security checkpoint. In addition to this, the automated screening system offers on-screen resolution abilities to the EGE’s security officials thereby eliminating the necessity of physical investigation and frequent re-scans of the bags.


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