Saab Seaeye to Supply Cougar XT ROVs

Saab Seaeye, a global provider of electrically operated Remote Operated Vehicles (ROVs), has announced that it has received a procurement order from Jifmar Offshore Services for two Cougar XT ROVs. These ROVs will perform maintenance operations like monitoring and revamping various pipes and structures of Jifmar’s three oil terminals which are located in Algeria.

Cougar XT ROVs

Jean-Michel Berud, President of Jifmar Offshore Services has stated that they had selected Saab Seaeye mainly due to the consistency of their ROVs. He said that their company has decided to incorporate a water-jetting cleaning system into the Cougars for avoiding molluscs. He further mentioned that Cougars can help them to offer enhanced overhauling, thereby protecting divers from dangers.

In contrast to the hydraulic work ROV, the Cougar XT ROVs can handle various tools performing multifarious heavy duty operations like investigation, recovery and drill support at a reduced cost.

The other features of Cougar XT include easy operation, requires a small team, instant mobilization and less deck space requirement.



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