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Sokkia Gyro Station Combines Gyroscope and Robotic Total Station Functionalities

Sokkia has launched a Gyro Station which can be used in surveying and in providing sophisticated solutions for tunnelling, railroad, power line and underground construction projects. The Gyro Station is a multi-purpose system that combines the functionalities of a gyroscope and a total station.

Gyro Station

Danny Welch, senior vice president of the Survey Business Unit at Sokkia, claimed that the Gyro Station is a very useful solution and since it is now equipped with the enhanced features of SRX robotic total station from Sokkia, the system is indispensable.

The Gyro Station is equipped with auto-pointing feature and is made up of an advanced image sensor. GYRO X is capable of locating its true north and measuring the azimuth with a precision of 15”, irrespective of the conditions of the work environment. Welch added that the occurrence of human error is totally eliminated by automating the process. Hence the process proves to be time-saving and operator fatigue and stress are eliminated. All that is required of the operator is to point the system to approximately north, release the clamp and switch on the measurement button. Its operation can be learnt quickly and can be operated even by unskilled workers. Welch claimed that the Gyro Station provides high accuracy and speed of operation irrespective of the location, weather or time of operation. Currently available GYRO X models are GYRO X- 1”, 2” and 3”.


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