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Motoman Robotics Releases PerfectEdge Robotic Solution

Motoman Robotics has partnered with Arrow Gear for releasing a robotic working cell called PerfectEdge for performing various tasks like tight tolerance cutting, chamfering, deburring or final stage operation, with simple programming procedures.

This robotic platform has incorporated a Motoman DX1350D robot featuring six-axis and a precision indexer including a hollow chuck, operated by means of a Yaskawa Sigma-5 servo motor for fitting shafted gears.

Perfect Edge Robotic Cell

The PerfectEdge cell includes a tool holder with shielded eight slots and an Alfred Jaeger spindle that offers speed monitoring, strength and retaining torque for carrying out tough operations. This robotic cell can handle various cylindrical parts of sizes 20 inch diameter by 10 inch.  PerfectEdge can be easily moved to another place since it features a common bottom with fork pockets.

The G-Code/Points importer off-line programming software of Motoman Robotics helps to operate the robot. The user’s specifications are featured in the CAM files and these files are converted into programs by means of a G-Code converter. These codes are then downloaded to the robot controller, thereby generating reliable and desirable outcomes.

The PerfectEdge robotic cell is enclosed by a polycarbonate and aluminum casing and its entry doors are electrically operated. It also incorporates a particle and fume extraction system for linking a system for air handling. Other features of PerfectEdge include enhanced protection, decreased wastage rates, reduced operator stress and exhaustion and ANSI/RIA R15.06-1999 and other ISO and CSA safety standards certification. It was reported that a CE certification version can be availed upon request.


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