Handroid Could be Used to Remote Defusing of Bombs

Handroid is a scary looking robotic hand that looks like it came right off your biology lab skeleton. The robot hand was developed by a Japanese robotic firm called ITK and is a fully articulated robotic hand that claims the same dexterity as a human hand. It is also very light at a mere 740 grams.

Each of the robotic fingers can move by itself, and the entire lot can also move synchronized. The handroid is also sensitive enough to touch humans and handle fragile objects with care. The operator controls the robot wearing a glove and the movements of the operator are then mirrored by the handroid.

The five fully movable fingers that move like a regular human hand are not weighed down with servo motors making them unwieldy. The potential uses of the handroid include remote defusing of bombs which could be done with no risk to the human operator who could be located some distance away.

Other possible uses of the handroid would include a prosthetic hand that can be controlled using cerebral nerves or brain waves. ITK is looking to produce the commercially. It is anticipated that the robotic hand will be launched for approximately $ 6.500 in a couple of year’s time.


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