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Scientists at Free University of Berlin Develop Autonomous Car

German scientist Raul Rojas and his team at the Free University of Berlin have released a robotic car termed as “MadeInGermany” (MIG). With the help of an iPad or smartphone, the passengers can call the MIG and by using the in-built Global Positioning System, the car identifies the location of the passengers, reveals to them the best possible route and also conveys the required time duration for reaching their location.

MIG Robotic Car

The FU researchers have said that this latest innovation will assist eco-friendly enhancements by strategizing the car-sharing methods. For instance one driver-less car can accommodate many people who are traveling in the same route. The present number of unmanned cars has been reduced to one-fifth in Berlin and it was expected that optimum deployment of this innovative technology can profoundly increase the number of similar cars.

It was reported that the driver can control all the in-built electronic components by using the iPad and this has paved the way for new options for vehicle operation other than the earlier remote controlling methods. In case of sudden necessity of navigating the vehicle using an iPad, then the automatic mode will be changed to manual mode and the driver can control the car. The 3-D image of the road is developed on the car’s computer with the help of a sensor technology, thereby helping to identify traffic symbols, walkers and other vehicles on the road. It also reacts to traffic lights automatically, obeys the highway laws and will discontinue its movement if it encounters any unforeseen incidents.


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