Robotic Dancer

A robot sang while human dancers backed it on stage entertaining audiences at the Digital Content Expo in Tokyo. The HRP-4C is a robot made to resemble an average young adult Japanese woman. It was developed by Kwada and AIST. It struts, sings and dances and proved itself in a choreographed pop routine.

Although a bit ungraceful in step she does not miss a beat in her choreographed routine. The singing voice of the robot is produced by Vocaloid software from Yamaha. The facial expressions try to follow what the voice is saying. Another technology called Vocawatcher is used for this purpose.

This is all part of a quest to make artificial intelligence perfect along with fluid motion and control. The simple dance routine shows that these areas are making good progress. Soon Kawada hopes to have robots walking down fashion shows and creating more content in art and acting.


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