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SCHUNK Develops Compact Robot Coupling for Pallet Handling

SCHUNK has created a sleek, lightweight coupling that has reduced interfering contours. This development was achieved in response to the requirements in automatic lading of machine tools. As pallet loading process occurs close to the machine table, a precise, powerful and compact workpiece pallet changer is the need of the hour.

NSR Cross Section

The VERO-S NSR allows very thin attachments to the pallet and clamping station, thereby making more room for the axes motions and operation of workpiece in the machine room.

Weighing only 1.6 kg and with size 160, the robot coupling can accomplish up to 15 kN of pull-down forces. Due to its outstanding rigidity, the system can transfer torques of approximately 1600 Nm. In addition, heavy pallets of up to 350 kg with 400 x 400 mm dimensions can be easily handled by this innovative robot system. All the quick-change pallet system developed by SCHUNK consists of a double angle clamping stroke that ensures reliable handling of heavy weights.

The SCHUNK engineers have fabricated each component in such as way that it is resistant to force transmission in aluminum and in hardened stainless steel, so as to achieve maximum harmony between its weight, stability and strength. The module uses form-fit clamping and possesses self-locking capabilities. The module can be unlocked when subjected to a pneumatic system pressure of 6 bar, thereby eliminating the need for lubrified air. Using inductive proximity switches, opening, closing, and pallet presence can be scrutinized. In addition, monitoring the whole changing process can also be achieved. The module is completely sealed and therefore cannot be impacted by chips and coolant.



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