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GeckoSystems' CareBot to Assist Japan’s Elderly Population

GeckoSystems recently declared that it has acknowledged the demand for utilitarian mobile service robots by Panasonic. Upon delivery, these robots will benefit the booming elderly population in Japan.

GeckoSystems’ CareBot personal assistance robot has completed the Alpha trials successfully. The testing was carried out in home care settings and gained wide approvals from caregivers due to its safety and reliability features.

Before completing full-scale production and marketing, GeckoSystems CareBot will undergo Beta testing. Microsoft Kinect depth cameras have recently been integrated within CareBot to promote cost minimization.

The CareBot has been demonstrated to determine its static and dynamic obstacle avoidance skills. Joystick control or programmed path has not been included in these robots. Based on Artificial Intelligence (AI), GeckoNav formulates three low levels of obstacle avoidance such as proactive, reactive, and contemplative. Followed by obstacle avoidance, CareBot reaches its destination by using its Subsumptive AI behavior.

The CareBot is a premium solution for Personal Assistance market. Besides addressing the elderly, it will also benefit chronically ill patients and children. The CareBot’s multiple safety precaution solutions are driven by AI computer software, mechanical, and electronics.

The GeckoImager can enable detection up to 60-in. Twin ultrasonic rangefinders detect farther obstacles. GeckoTactileShroud identifies bumping on its shroud. GeckoNav is an AI navigation software that enables rapid sensor readings, ensuring a more secure navigation.

The CareBot is constructed using electronics, steel, plastic and aluminum, similar to an automobile. In addition, it includes two independently driven wheels, an aluminum frame, plastic shroud, microprocessors and multiple sensor systems, and several onboard computers enabled by a local area network (LAN). The sensor systems can be accessed through the microprocessors, thereby transmitting data to the onboard computers.



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