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Wilkes University’s Metro Surgical Robotics Lab Unveiled

Wilkes University has recently opened northeast Pennsylvania’s unique Metro Surgical Robotics Laboratory. It offers practical training in robot-assisted, minimally invasive surgical procedures for biomedical and engineering students. The lab’s inauguration took place on April 19.

The lab has been constructed within the Stark Learning Center. Based on an advanced technology, the lab trains the surgical professionals to move intelligent robots remotely inside the abdominal cavity. These devices, though small can skillfully manipulate with high-efficiency than conventional surgical methods. Geisinger Medical Center surgeons, together with several other experts explain dexterous skills like reducing incision lengths ensuring minimal infection risks.

Evaluation and validation of robotic surgical procedures and applications by Wilkes takes place in association with Geisinger Medical Center, Danville, Pa. Teleconferencing and video presentations by Dr. Daniel Rukstalis, a robotic surgery expert from Geisinger Medical Center is available at the Surgical Robotics Lab.

Wilkes-Barre -based InterMetro Industries, directed by its President John Nackley, has granted the new lab with significant sponsorship. Geisinger Health System and Keystone Automation are the other partners for the project.

The Surgical Robotics Lab is in-built with Mediascape technology that includes Stylist and Leapfrog applications. It also features a high-tech station with laptops, a smart white board, modern cabinets for storing miniature robotic parts, and a mobile surgical simulator station.

Under the headship of Surgical Robotics Lab manager, Xiaoli Zhang, over 20 UG students are currently working to design and develop new surgical robot technologies.



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