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Complete Book on Microbiorobotics

Research and Markets has declared that its report series has been supplemented with a new report from Elsevier Science and Technology titled ‘Microbiorobotics- Biologically Inspired Microscale Robotic Systems’.

Microbiorobotics is one of the recent engineering categories that include multidisciplinary approach such as control systems, mechanical engineering, cellular biology, synthetic biology, mathematical modeling, and more. One of the most intricate and challenging engineering tasks is the development of robotics system in the micro scale that will apparently lead to major applications like cellular manipulation and micromanufacturing techniques. A major reason for this complexity is that the engineering ideas and principles used in larger scales are not applicable to the micro-scale. Examples include use of rotational motors, and locomotion principles in a fluid.

Microrobotics is a potential category that has ample applications, ranging from manufacturing to medicine. This book titled ‘Microbiorobotics- Biologically Inspired Microscale Robotic Systems’ presents an overview about the major contributions of micro-organisms to micro-engineering.

Designing and constructing sensors, robots, and actuators involves several technology challenges at the micro-scale level. Biological solutions and technological methods for these challenges are included in this book.

Several multi-disciplinary pioneers and editors developed a novel toolkit for microrobotics, following comprehensive analysis of technological facts in mathematical modeling, engineering, and the life sciences.

The book report starts with an introduction, followed by major topics including fundamentals of cellular mechanics, theoretical microbiorobotics , experimental microbiorobotics; and concludes with a summary on perspectives and outlook.



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