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Students View Robotic Cancer Surgery through Videoconferencing

Demonstration of partial gastrectomy, a minimally invasive robotic surgery, will be conducted at Venice High School’s ‘Medical Academy’. Students participating in the event will be able to interact with the surgical team both live and in real time.

"Robotic Cancer Surgery Comes to Classroom"

This virtual field trip has evolved from the joint education project between region’s public hospital Sarasota Memorial Health Care System and the Sarasota County Public Schools. Technology modes such as high speed Internet, video-conferencing technology, and operating room cameras and imaging systems used in hospitals will be used to virtually connect the operating room to the classroom.

This e-fieldtrip will present a live demonstration of the entire surgery with the help of multiple cameras mounted inside the operating room. Sarasota Memorial’s da Vinci-S Surgical System includes surgical cameras to present live-streamed video of partial gastrectomy performed by General Surgeon at Sarasota, Dr. John Nora, using small remote-controlled robotic surgical tools. This demo will be followed by a live question session.

During the year 2010-2011, one-third of the nationwide districts did not conduct any field trips. The introduction of virtual field trips seems to be both an affordable and effective method to educate highly-intelligent students of this generation.

This virtual field trip that benefits both hospital and school district involved officials who developed a learning experience through which the current lesson plans can reach the student community more effectively and quickly. Students involved in virtual field trip will have lessons on human body systems including studies on digestive system.

Forthcoming post-surgery classroom activities include analysis on the risks and benefits of minimally invasive procedure, in comparison with traditional surgery, and the interaction of digestive system with other organs.



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