ADTI Incorporates Seek and avoid Technology to UAV

Advanced Defense Technologies recently declared first commercial applications for border security.

The implementation was activated following the advancement of ADTI's Seek and Avoid technology being incorporated into its UAV - Unmanned Aerial Vehicle and Drone system. According to the existing FAA rules, flights of UAVs are restricted to 400 ft height beyond air traffic and airports. Remote area borders show a higher demand for security solutions besides making the optimum testing environment available for commercially applicable implementation of drones.

As per the prediction of ADTI , Federal Aviation Authority (FAA) has the potential to initiate domestic airspace for Drone operations and commercial UAV in the forthcoming years. Data capacity such as the establishment of detection and collision avoidance technology and highly developed communications can enable the eradication of airspace restrictions. Commercial applications will therefore turn to be feasible markets for Drone systems and UAV innovators.

According to the President and CEO of Advanced Defense Technologies, R.S. Tahim, FAA considers Unmanned aircraft systems such as UAVs and drones to be experimentally feasible to perform pilot training and research, but not commercially applicable. A high level of security has been achieved with broad seek and avoid technology of ADTI, besides handling major homeland security issues. ADTI’s technology objective is to offer the first complete drone system including major safety and efficiency features that can accelerate the FAA to formulate an extensive integration plan that can be used for commercial drone applications. This technology will be developed further to serve a range of homeland and border security applications.



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