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QUAN to Offer Revolutionary Robotic Limbs for Wounded Veterans

Quantum International prepares to provide bionic solutions to an extensive population of patients. With the existence of several promising potentials, Quantum will soon develop new robotic limbs that will reassure independence to amputees, specifically wounded veterans.

Based on new innovations and technological advancements, bionic limbs with machine intelligence have been devised for the first time. These custom-made robotic innovations are capable of identifying the user’s intentions by just sensing the specific environment.  With the help of complex algorithms, the devices can impersonate the movement of natural limbs. It also enables the users to intellectually control the bionic arms and legs.

According to QUAN CEO Robert Federowicz, the new bionic limbs that recently emerge in the markets depict the future of robotics. These robotic prostheses result from the integration of several robots into a single arm or leg that operates in sync with each other. With the addition of several new innovations, this revolutionary field of robotics has been a significant representation in terms of rapid growth.

At present, Quantum International is looking out for potentials to respond to the growing demand for the new robotics technologies, thereby bringing more developments to the advanced bionics. Besides benefiting the disabled with revolutionizing offering such as limb replacement, these innovations can be a boon to the healthy human population as well.

The company anticipates declaring its initial business targets in the red-hot robotics space.


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