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Personal Assistance Robots to Reduce Stress

Quantum International has discovered promising potential to supply advanced personal assistance robots that can aid the chronically ill and the elderly, making their lives more productive and independent.

The U.S. robotics developers are now validating new innovative home-care automations that were manipulated to minimize the routine stress. This new innovation will be of great help for the day care medical professionals, caretakers of seniors and various others. Navigation software has been in-built within these robots, which can alert the users about the static and dynamic obstacles underway. However, a joystick control or programmed pathways are not required, as this specific software has excellent obstacle avoidance skills.

The robots are capable of transporting onboard third-party sensors for monitoring blood pressure, oxygen, pulse, etc. Medical care providers and nurses can therefore have better concentration on other demanding tasks. Designed to ensure safety, these interactive machines are widely being preferred by both care receivers and providers.

With rapidly-growing elderly population, personal assistance robots may represent a notable revolution in home care. The U.S. Census Bureau states that in another ten years, the aged population will be more than the number of children. Hence there will be fewer number of young caregivers, while taxing social insurance programs will have great demand.

According to QUAN, personal care robots are capable of reducing the stress on families and welfare institutions, since the tasks previously performed by caregivers and nurses are now being automated. At present, the company is exploring ways to capitalize on the requirement for new robotics solutions to the challenges that occurred in the healthcare industry during the 21st Century.


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