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RMT Robotics Honors Industrial Operation of ADAM in Tire Handling

RMT Robotics commemorates seven years of ADAM’s proven efficiency within the industry as a tire handling solution. ADAM has imparted the highest efficiency in green tire (GT) transport, since July 2005. GT transport includes component handling, followed by tire build machine (TBM) collection, and concluded with press delivery.

ADAM creates lean manufacturing efficiency in tire manufacturing facilities by managing work-in-process (WIP) logistics, and automating component handling. It will also facilitate the delivery of the right solution at the right time. ADAM has been developed from automated storage and retrieval system using RMT’s gantry that supports the tire industry. It extends versatile robotic solution for press delivery, eliminating the use of conventional GT storage and press delivery systems.

ADAM provides consistent, reliable and intelligent transportation of green tires as it is capable of lean manufacturing, where minimal quantities of WIP at TBM enhances efficiency by removing clutter.

ADAM offers the following features:

  • Compact design that enables flexible positioning beneath the press load arm.
  • Capable of providing passenger as well as truck tires for holding multi-style presses.
  • Increased versatility and modularity without any external guide path network or sensors for ideal use in complex tire manufacturing environments.

ADAM can be customized for use in infrastructure or operations. ADAM is an AMR that is capable of autonomously transporting WIP materials and finished goods in lean manufacturing and assembly, from random origin to random destination.

ADAM has been created specifically for autonomous missions, and efficient movement around fixed and moving objects. It does not contain any transponders, guide wires, or reflectors.


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