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QUAN Plans to Capitalize on Smartphone-Compatible Robotics

Quantum International (QUAN), a robotics innovation company, is looking forward to capitalize on smartphone-compatible robotics, which is considered to be the next trend in mobile technology.

By 2014, the market for smartphones is expected to reach $150 billion. At present, sales of smartphones including devices such as Apple’s iPhones, and iPads and Google platform devices have increased exponentially. These smartphones consist of built-in processors, connectivity systems, microphones and cameras and their components hold great potential in robotics.

The CEO of QUAN, Robert Federowicz stated that the increase in adoption of smartphones and tablets has led to the increase in demand for accessories and applications that add more value to these devices. The Apple iPhone and iPad possess significant synergy potential and this has been demonstrated by the Romo Smartphone Robot and other similar devices.

Federowicz added that the company has short-listed certain robotics companies in their early stages for possible acquisitions and joint ventures. This will help Quantum to commercialize the new smartphone robotics applications.

The company is also targeting other robotics companies worldwide, apart from innovators in smartphone robotics. Recently, Quantum has inked a letter of intent with the Industrial Research Institute for Automation and Measurements in Warsaw, Poland. Quantum has commenced the due diligence towards a definitive agreement with the company.


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