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Searidge to Offer Remote Monitoring Solution to MALTA Airport

Searidge Technologies has declared that it has been chosen by Malta Air Traffic Services (MATS), Malta International Airport’s air navigation service provider, for offering ground surveillance solution for the airport.

As per the agreement, Searidge will deliver IntelliDAR as a low-cost ground surveillance (LCGS) system. It will monitor the airport movement area, covering the apron and taxiways. The surveillance system will utilize its commercial off–the-shelf (COTS) video sensors and innovative video processing system to identify and trace all planes and other vehicles on the airport surface and display all the real-time data through a single-look interface to the air traffic regulators of the airport.

Larry Fenech, CEO of MATS, expressed his pleasure in incorporating the LCGS system and said that they have been using Searidge’s remote apron management system for the past 18 months, which has profoundly enhanced the communication network in their airport.

It was reported that the presently used remote apron management system at the airport will be upgraded to a complete IntelliDAR LCGS system for automating various operations, which are presently performed by manual methods, thereby improvising the security and competency at the airport.

According to Alex Sauriol, VP, ATM/Airport Solutions of Searidge Technologies, their IntelliDAR-based LCGS is superior to radar-based LCGS by offering latest features such as safety integration, airport gate/apron management, enhanced performance and reduced cost.

Also, this latest system will be authorized in another year for substituting the present manual surface management. Once this system is completely installed, it will offer additional automation and integration facilities by incorporating Airport Operational Database (AODB) and connecting electronic flight strips and lighting systems of the runway.


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