DST Controls and Kepware Jointly Manage Industrial Automation

Kepware Technologies has partnered with DST Controls to realize an improved prediction and management of energy demand for Salt Lake City e-commerce data center. This move reiterates Kepware’s industrial automation insight. In response to data center demands, DST and Kepware have started working to automate the energy consumption management process.

Kepware's solution

With its services extended to five continents, DST Controls works as a full-service control systems and industrial data integration company. The company is known for its automated control and monitoring of industrial equipment, processes, and data.

Impacted with convoluted and expensive manual processes, the 300,000 square foot e-commerce data center approached DST to provide advanced method of handling energy load information. The solution will enable tracking a wide range of physical signals within the data center. DST and its data center customer sought after the means to link all the systems together based on industrial automation. The KEPServerEX from Kepware caters to this requirement as it has been designed to link disparate devices ranging from plant control systems to enterprise information systems. The tool features verified interoperability via client connectivity and drivers for isolated automation systems. With the help of a single communications platform, KEPServerEX offers centralized communications. Additionally, it also offers plug-and-play drivers and client interfaces for on-demand scalability.

Using integrated solution, exchange of data takes place based on OSIsoft and Kepware. The Kepware solution is capable of monitoring up to 2,000 I/O points. The servers' power is read by DST followed by storing it in a database to be used by Kepware via drivers.

The system will benefit all parties towards the end.

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