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GeckoSystems to Develop Low Cost Robotic Arm

GeckoSystems, a global provider of mobile robot solutions, has declared their collaboration with ifoo, a Japan-based robot supplier, to build a cost-effective robot arm ideal for light industrial utilization as well as mobile service robots.

Martin Spencer, President and CEO, GeckoSystems, has stated that for  ten years they were searching for a Japanese partner with adequate interest to obtain proper legal and imposable protection, both in US and Japan to enable Gecko to completely reveal their off the record trade secrets to them. He complimented Mr. Hajime Yasumatsu, Chairman, Yasu, Inc. for helping them in accomplishing this significant milestone.

Spencer mentioned that ifoo has expressed interest not only in promoting a commercial safety robot in Japan, developed on the innovative technology of their company, but also interested in jointly building a cost-effective four Degree of Freedom (DOF) robot arms ideal for both light industrial usage and mobile service robots. He added that they will deploy their software building expertise to bring down the mechanical costs of the two arms of the CareBot robot, which is Gecko’s mobile service robot capable of performing several tasks. Also Gecko can cautiously offer their confidential design information to ifoo and simultaneously uphold patent opportunities by means of the globally imposable NDA.

Gecko has already provided intangible specifications and conceptual sketches supporting the promotional activities of ifoo. Spencer added that the low cost advantages of their mobile robot innovations will offer additional royalties, training, licensing and sales of several other robotic systems. Also this partnership will enable their company to easily penetrate into the Japanese market. He concluded that all these profits obtained by their company will significantly benefit their 1400 shareholders by means of an increased ROI and stock holder price.



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