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YAD Event Includes Space Robot Built from Food Cans

The 18th annual Young Astronaut Day (YAD) event was attended by around 300 Ohio students at NASA’s Glenn Research Center in Cleveland.

Space Robot built from food cans

The event showcased a space robot facsimile,which was developed from several food cans by the students. It was reported that this robot will be offered to the Food Bank of Cleveland.

Over the last two years, YAD event has collaborated with Herschman Architects and Canstruction for raising donations to the Cleveland Food Bank. YAD donated 2,385 pounds of food to the food bank during 2009, which can offer 1800 meals for starving families. Also Canstruction has been enabling the food bank to feed  famished families since 1992, by participating in the event organized by the Society of Design Administration, and publicizing the starvation issue as well as helping to store food banks.


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