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PureSense Launches New Products for Managing Irrigation Operation with Limited Water Supply

As part of the new Pump to Root initiative, PureSense has launched a series of new products, services and video support materials to help growers get more value out of their irrigation and overall farming operation. "We recognize the struggle that our growers are facing in light of the ongoing drought in the West.

The new PureSense products focus on improving growers' ability to manage irrigation operation and to deal with limited water supply," says Michelle Frey, Senior VP of Engineering at PureSense.

The new products and services offered by PureSense include:

  • Flow Meter Monitoring to help growers track water use in real time;
  • Distribution Uniformity Assessments to provide growers information on performance of their irrigation system. Measuring and adjusting performance of irrigation system can noticeably help with water management;
  • Irrigation Scheduling Tool, a free web-based tool that allows growers to create and easily share irrigation schedule (check this tool out at
  • Ranch Mapping services that provide growers with geo-referenced maps (printed and/or electronic) of fields, irrigation system components, crops, and other key assets; and,
  • New Sensors for real-time monitoring of crop leaf wetness, for measuring pressure in irrigation lines in the field and for measuring rainfall or overhead sprinkler irrigation events with an optical rain gauge (which requires less maintenance and is more reliable in crop settings than traditional rain buckets).

As part of supporting growers with video materials on water saving strategies, David Jamison, Senior Agronomist, will host a webinar on July 9th and 10th to help almond growers understand the opportunities to save water and improve yields, when irrigation operations are optimized during hull split. To sign up for this important webinar, click on Also, you can watch, the first video of the Pump to Root series (Introduction to PureSense) online at:

Together with PureSense's core products – Irrigation Manager (IM) and Pump Monitoring and Control (PMC) – the new product offerings expand our growers' tool set for effectively managing irrigation operation. "We're excited about the new products we can offer to our growers, and there is more to come as we continue to build value for our customers," says David Termondt, CEO.

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