Brittmore Introduces Structural Balance-of-System for Large Scale PV Installations

Brittmore Group LLC, provider of Structural Balance-of-System (SBOS) components and automated installation solutions for large-scale PV site construction, today announced its turnkey Brittmore System™, an SBOS solution for large scale and distributed generation PV installations.

The Brittmore System targets lowest total install costs by reducing materials, labor, site logistics, and earthworks, with shorter construction times for faster power generation revenues.

The Brittmore System consists of the WaveRack™ fixed tilt ground mount, pre-panelized PV modules, and automated large-panel PV Autoloaders and Shuttles. The WaveRack ground mount is a simplified rack designed for rapid and efficient assembly. The Panel Assembly Cell (PAC), a portable onsite or near-site facility assembles modules into panels at factory-level efficiencies which are then delivered to the PV Autoloaders/Shuttles operating from the ends of array rows. Fed by PV Autoloaders, PV Shuttles deliver the panels to mounting positions utilize the WaveRack as an elevated delivery track. Each shuttle can transport panel assemblies at over 40 per hour with multiple units generating MW/day installation rates. Entire arrays are rapidly populated from a centralized material handling location, simplifying logistics and eliminating the need to operate heavy equipment between array rows.

With Brittmore’s turnkey SBOS system, the EPC gains all the benefits of an automated installation system without any of the worries, “We know the introduction of a unique automated PV installation system into a traditional construction site could create uncertainty around personnel skills and safety,” commented Bram Britcher, co-founder and head of Operations. “Given the low labor requirements surrounding the Brittmore System, it made sense for us to include the system installation via Brittmore certified personnel to maximize the efficiency of operation of our high speed equipment.”

The Brittmore System is an ideal solution for the changing PV market. “We see the market moving away from massive utility-scale projects consisting of hundreds of megawatts installed at a single site,” stated John Samuels, head of Business Development. “New projects are now typically 20 MW or less and widely dispersed throughout a region. In this new ‘distributed generation’ environment, the mobilization costs of large construction crews for multiple smaller sites can be prohibitive. In contrast, Brittmore’s high mobility and rapid deployment model is the ideal solution for this new market need.”

The company will be displaying its WaveRack ground mount and operating PV shuttle in booth 9319, Moscone Center, San Francisco at Intersolar North America 2013, July 9-11.
About Brittmore Group LLC. Based in San Jose, California, Brittmore is an innovative provider of structural balance-of-system (BOS) components and installation solutions for large-scale PV power plant construction. Through the use of a total system engineering approach, pre-assembled building blocks, and industrial robotics, Brittmore is revolutionizing how large-scale PV installations are executed. Visit to learn more.


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