RxMedic Launches Fast, User-Friendly Robotic Dispensing Solution

The future of pharmacy automation has arrived, and it is called RM64. RxMedic, a leader in automated dispensing equipment for pharmacies, has just introduced the fastest robotic dispensing solution on the market, filling up to 300 prescriptions an hour.


RM64, so named because of its 64 individual cells, fills multiple prescriptions simultaneously and can process five prescriptions a minute, and can count any size or shape of pill, expanding the possibilities of automation for pharmacies. Safety features include a digital photo of the vial contents, reduction in human error, and the elimination of cross-contamination risk.

Speed, efficiency and ease of use are the qualities of the RM64 pharmacy robot that help it to exceed pharmacists’ expectations. “It appears to have raised the bar in performance. This newly developed automated dispensing system is designed to select and fill five prescriptions per minute,” says Dr. Charles Shively, Associate Professor of Pharmaceutical Sciences at Presbyterian College School of Pharmacy in South Carolina. “It’s a work of beauty…almost an art form,” adds Dr. Shively.

The RM64 design is user-friendly. Equipped with a new touch-screen layout, RM64 takes a mere three keystrokes to restock. Changing out the cells on-site is quick and easy.

Prescription retrieval is fast and convenient thanks to intuitive user interface and a unique carousel collating area which is the largest in its class, sorting filled prescriptions accurately and making them easy to locate. High volume workflow is managed quickly and accurately, boosting productivity and safety to new heights.

Increased efficiency in workflow gives staff more time to spend with customers while increased productivity allows pharmacists to increase their prescription volume.

RM64 is backed by RxMedic’s renowned nationwide customer service and support, including one-of-a-kind remote support via in-system video capabilities that can often resolve issues immediately with a single call. With four pharmacy automation products, RxMedic stands ready to meet the technological needs of pharmacies large and small.

"RM64 sets a new standard for efficiency and production for pharmacy automation,” says David Williams, Vice President of RxMedic. “Additionally, it is offered at a price that makes it affordable for most pharmacies." Economy of size, affordability, and a high rate of functionality make this pharmacy system the selection of professional pharmacists.

Source: http://www.rxmedic.com/

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