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Shanghai Huizhong Automotive Deploys ABB Robots

Huizhong, subsidiary unit of Shanghai Huizhong Automotive Manufacturing and supplier of chassis and other automotive components, has received two significant automotive contracts. Presently, clients of Huizhong include Ford, Toyota, Fiat, General Motors, Volkswagen, Hyundai and Audi.

Wang Jianhang, Engineer with Huizhong, has stated that they had collaborated with ABB Robotics for strengthening their abilities. He mentioned that though China’s manufacturers have certain benefits including reduced labor cost overhead, industries contending on the global market need to maintain with international standards.

Initially, ABB welding robots were utilized by the company. Presently, around 60 robots including IRB 1410 and IRB 2400L are deployed in production line.

In the FORD project, Huizhong had to bring down the time factor involved in developing products like automotive subframe, from an initial duration of 10 to 12 months to just 5 months. Huizhong selected ABB Robotics and obtained 7 robots for performing welding operations. Later another 7 robots were procured for expanding the production at 7 workstations.

Zhou Hui, Supervisor for the Ford Subframe Production Line, has stated that different welding operations are performed in different workstations and currently they manufacture around 110 subframes per shift. He mentioned that the improved version of the operation panel features a touch screen, revealing Chinese characters. He added that this feature will be highly beneficial for their workers.

After successfully accomplishing the FORD project, Huizhong has received the H-Car project from General Motors. This project requires the manufacture of subframe and rear axle and Huizhong deploys around 40 robots for completing the project.


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