Cogmation Adds RobotSim Pro in LabVIEW Robotics 2010

Cogmation Robotics, a leading software developer for robotic simulations, is pleased to announce robotSim Pro, a new product addition in NI LabVIEW Robotics Software 2010. The main features of RobotSim Pro includes realistic simulation of robots, striking 3D revelation, rapid prototyping of new robot designs and analysis of codes controlling various responses of the robot.

robotSim Pro

The robotic advisory group of National Instruments addressed the need for a broad range of robotic solutions and robotSim was the primary product included in this simulation family. Subsequent addition was the robotSim Pro and the most recent product is robotBuilder, which is a three- dimensional design tool incorporated with an editing program. It was demonstrated at the National Instruments Week 2010.

robotSim Pro includes a three-dimension editor, which helps in developing and exploring robot behaviors in various environments. The robot also includes a simple graphical interface for rapid and precise robotic simulation using LabVIEW Robotics control programs. robotBuilder facilitates direct robotic simulation in robotSim Pro by providing a non-programming interface to create and edit the three-dimensional simulated models of the robots.

robotSim Pro eliminates the requirement of any programming, language or simulation codes before initiating the simulation. It also enables the LabVIEW designers to easily swap the simulated model and the real robot by substituting robotSim Pro’s simulation’ VIs with that of an analogous active constituent VIs for any other robot.

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