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Tauriga Presents GalvaniBot Powered Electrogenic Bioreactor

Tauriga Sciences, Inc., a diversified company focused on generating profitable revenues through license agreements and the development of a proprietary technology platform in the nanorobotics space, has today presented a graphic illustration of the proprietary Electrogenic Bioreactor developed by Pilus Energy LLC.

This GalvaniBot™ powered EBR wastewater-to-value platform promises to provide industrial robust water remediation, electricity generation, biogas and chemical production. GalvaniBot™ is housed on the anode of the EBR where the BactoBots™ metabolize the organic contaminants as they run through the reactor. These BactoBots™ are able to withstand swings in pH and temperature, they resist heavy metals, and are able to not only survive in the presence of other bacteria, but also thrive, acting like microscopic piranhas metabolizing anything organic they come in contact with. In order to prevent escape into the environment or theft of the technology, these BactoBots™ must be used in concert with Pilus Energy's GeRM keys.

The Genetic Rights Management ("GeRM") keys consists of inert, non-toxic molecules that must be added to the feedstock before it comes in contact with the BactoBots™ ("Bots") otherwise the Bots will self-destruct starting with their DNA and RNA. This system, as mentioned above, prevents both theft of the BactoBots, as well as their escape into the environment.

The Company has recently presented at a number of prestigious investor conferences and continues to meet regularly with a broad array of both institutional investors and potential sources of non-dilutive funding (i.e. grants, low interest loans, state sponsored programs). The company has received a number of inquiries from institutional investors, concerning Pilus Energy's EBR technology platform and specifically relating to design and functionality. In response the Company has produced the below illustration so that all existing and potential shareholders can familiarize themselves with the design, specialized components, and influent and effluent ports. The Company continues to make progress in obtaining the requisite environmental permits and capital resources (potentially from non-dilutive sources) to commence the commercial pilot tests that are crucial to generating significant future revenues and earnings.


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