AIMS Researchers Explore Coral Sea Using ROV

Marine researchers at the Australian Institute of Marine Science (AIMS) are working on receiving information about a distant location of the Coral Sea, which is off north Queensland.

They have just finished a four-month project and were able to figure out temperatures as well as small marine plants and animals by deploying a deepwater robot named 'sea glider'. So far, the robot has covered 3,000 km of the region under study.

Craig Steinberg, Oceanographer at AIMS, has stated that obtaining detailed information about such a remote location is not an easy task. He said that performing expeditions from ships demand a lot of money and time. He added that the scientists control the sea glider robot remotely from Western Australia.

Craig has mentioned that the robot features built-in sensors for ascertaining various parameters like salinity, water depth, temperature, density and color of the water in the remote region.


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