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AT+F Steel Releases Robotic Contour Beveling Systems

AT&F Steel has declared the launch of an innovative robotic contour beveling system. In a single operation, the robotic system can cut several straight or differently shaped bevels.

The system includes customizable 6-axis robotic torch and a high-end laser-guided camera, enabling the cutting of bevels, featuring a broad range of geometries like X, Y, V and K axis, ranging between 0 and 60 degrees. The robotic system features a maximum cutting speed of 300 inches per minute and assures ultimate tolerances of +/- one-half degree and +/- one-thirty-second inch (1 mm) on the finished dimensions.

The robotic system offers major cost-saving options for clients. For instance, a cutting table measuring 13 feet x 50 feet can deal with non-ferrous metals of thickness three inches and can also be reconfigured to utilize oxy-fuel and plasma.

Michael Ripich, President, AT&F Steel, has stated that the laser-guided robotic cutting device assures enhanced quality of bevel. He added that the robotic beveling technology is safer, quicker and highly precise than conventional beveling procedures.

The robotic beveling system also eliminates the requirement of down-stream processes including grinding, machining, and handling. It also reduces production cost and welding time overheads.

According to Ken Ripich, AT&F Executive Vice President, their decision to launch a new equipment is driven by their determination to offer value-enriched services and products to their clients.

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