Hawkes Remotes to Develop Wireless Remotely Operated Vehicle

Hawkes Remotes is researching on developing a Spider Optic System, a wire-free Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV), which could probably change the method of ocean exploration.

Spider Optic System

Jonathan Epstein, CEO of Hawkes Remotes, has stated that wiring prevents the ROV from moving faster and farther since the huge extension wire in water is 850 times denser than in air. This drag results in loss of speed, range and maneuvering feasibility. He added that ROVs can move freely only up to a distance of 500 meters from its point of connection in the vessel.

Spider Optic System features a thin fiber optic cable measuring few millimeters thick, resembling a marine spider. The ROV can be effectively controlled from a remote location.

Source: http://www.hawkesremotes.com

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