Elbit will Showcase Next-Generation Systems and Solutions at AUSA Annual Meeting & Exposition

With growing demands for actionable information and knowledge for the warfighter, there is a critical need for solutions that enable true terrain dominance and intelligence based warfare. Elbit Systems of America understands this need and is providing integrated and networked solutions by leveraging its technical expertise and in-theater experience, as well as that of its parent company.

At the upcoming Association of United States Army (AUSA) Annual Meeting & Exposition in Washington DC, October 13-15, Elbit will showcase an impressive line-up of next-generation systems and solutions enabling the US Army to react as a unified force with unprecedented speed, precision, and intelligence.

Intelligence gathering and knowledge dissemination are key components of Elbit Systems of America's rapid mobility solution. Connectivity, situational awareness and combat effectiveness are improved via a command and control network. In one scenario, the mission might begin with the Skylark[TM] I-LE, Block 2, unmanned aerial system (UAS) flying silently overhead. Using a unique gyroscopically stabilized, gimbaled payload and proven flight control algorithms to provide automatic tracking of dynamic targets, the Skylark quickly transmits information back to the soldiers on the ground. Equipped with a Micro Designator Marker (MDM) laser, the system can precisely designate targets allowing ground forces to respond with laser guided munitions fired from Elbit's mobile 120 mm mortar system. Ground commanders can then choreograph and degrade threats while reducing their own casualties. The Skylark system creates intelligence, delivers targets of opportunity and assists in closing the loop with shooters.

"Using these systems, we quickly turn collected information into actionable and effective response, facilitating terrain dominance and neutralizing the enemy," commented Raanan Horowitz, president and chief executive officer of Elbit Systems of America "We are upholding our mission of protecting and saving the lives of our US soldiers fighting for freedom and innocent civilians caught in the conflict."

The MDM is just one example of Elbit Systems of America's game-changers. Leveraging advances in laser and optical technologies, Elbit is transforming tactical systems such as the small UAS into precision engagement enablers. Another example is the Enhanced Joint Terminal Attack Controller Laser Target Designator (EJTAC LTD). A light-weight laser designator/rangefinder, at less than five pounds, is a foot mobile solution for guidance of munitions and a laser hand-off to aircraft. Featuring a digital magnetic compass and near infrared laser pointer, the EJTAC LTD is effective during both day and night missions.

Elbit Systems of America understands that accurate situational awareness allows for quick coordination and effective responses to rapidly changing operational scenarios. Achieving this level of awareness requires advanced technologies involving the latest hardware and software for both Army Infantry and Aviators.

To learn more about Elbit Systems of America sensor to shooter technologies and their trusted rapid mobility solutions, visit booth # 1139, Hall A, during exhibition hours of AUSA or visit their website at http://www.elbitsystems-us.com.

NOTE to Journalist: The following systems and products will be highlighted at Elbit Systems of America's booth during AUSA. You are invited to visit our booth to speak with our subject matter experts and to attend our press gathering on October 13 at 1:30. To schedule a meeting, please contact Shari Clarkson, Manager Marketing Communications, +1-682-286-2363.

  • Skylark® I-LE, Block 2 - is a small hand-launched UAS equipped with day/night stabilized payload, a laser pointer and/or designator, and a data link fully interoperable with the One System and Rover Remote Video Terminals (RVTs).
  • Integrated Modular Avionics Solution (IMAS) - integrates advanced processing, wide field of view helmet mounted displays and a large area panoramic display to provide unparalleled information display, sensor data, networking and decision aids to helicopter pilots. Using a true open architecture IMAS provides high performance and scalable mission solution suited for multiple platforms.
  • Precision Engagement Seeker Solutions - the high performance, cost effective family of precision semi-active laser and multi-mode seekers are designed to effectively engage both static and highly maneuvering targets in various combat scenarios and environments.
  • Joint Terminal Attack Controller Laser Target Designator (E-JTAC LTD) - is one of the lightest weight laser targeting/hand-off solutions available for foot mobile warfighters with day and night capabilities.
  • Common Laser Rangefinder Improved Capability (CLRF IC) - is an extremely lightweight targeting device incorporate day and night imaging and high accuracy laser based range finding.
  • Granite XR - The Granite XR Advanced Multi-Sensor Day/Night Electro-Optical System offers advanced thermal imaging with high resolution detecting and long-range performance for surveillance and observation operations.
  • Advanced Communication Devices - family of dual-band JTRS and MOUS compatible power amplifiers designed for the smallest space claim and lowest power requirements

Source: http://www.elbitsystems-us.com/

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