Digilent Introduces Robotic Development Kits

Digilent has introduced a new series of Robotic Development Kits (RDK) for beginners interested in the robotics field. The same can also be utilized for sophisticated designs and applications. The RDK series comprises a basic kit, a remote control kit and a line-sensor kit.

Digilent's Robotic Development Kits

Each kit has a sample project and downloadable assembly instructions to build and operate a robot. The basic robotic kit offers the parts required to develop an uncomplicated independent robot. The remote control kit offers the parts required to develop a robot that utilizes an Ethernet cable for a wired remote control operation. The line sensor kit can separately follow a line.

All the kits come with Digilent's Cerebot 32MX4 microcontroller development board with a strong steel platform. They also include sensors, motors, wheels and development software required to develop a full robot. In addition to these components, the Digilent kit has different line of peripheral modules to execute fundamental tests to more innovate systems designs.

The Cerebot 32MX4 has a Microchip PIC32 microcontroller that offers a 512 kb of program FLASH, a 32-bit MIPS processor core operating at 80 MHz, 32 kb RAM memory and a number of accessories such as a timer, counters and a USB controller. The board comprises various input-output connectors and power supply alternatives such as USB power. It also features an integrated programming and debug circuit tat can be used with the Microchip MPLAB development software.

Source: http://www.digilentinc.com

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