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LiveView Facilitates Automated Control of On-Site Equipment

Site Controls, a leading provider of energy management and Smart grid solutions for enterprises, recently declared that it has installed the Site-Command LiveView across its expanding network of clients, thereby assisting them to offer their products along with the additional features of safety, concurrent visibility and regulation of on-site devices and remote monitoring of instruments to recognized business associates like HVAC suppliers, telemetry providers and energy acquiring firms etc.

The conventional method of offering access to onsite equipment is by creating a VPN (Virtual Private Network) link for every user by the IT engineers. This often led to the formation of multiple VPNs, whose unfavorable outcome was an increase in IT overheads, training requisites, system protection tasks and critical issues on data security. Providing access to external users and at the same time maintaining data integrity of the company is a problem that has been encountered by the IT community for quite some time. The rise in the number of IP-networked machines and smart devices enhances this problem further. Live View enables real time access to reliable information without the necessity of establishing a VPN. This product also brings down maintenance cost and ambiguity. LiveView will make use of the obtainable connectivity services of the Site-Command Data Center to establish a safe “tunnel” to the Site-Command Controller, which can be retrieved with the help of a standard Web browser. This provides real time access for the users to a broad range of remote controlling equipments like energy meter data, HVAC equipment performance, lighting etc.

LakeView’ advantages are further augmented by a dedicated Client Services team and chain operators who will regularly reassess the system-wide functioning markers by using Site-CommandEnergy Dashboard, Exceptions Dashboard and Analytic Engine. Site Command provides the entire real time data in a completely integrated, inter-enterprise interface, thereby eliminating the need for customers to host or design their own back-end systems.

Dan Kubala, Vice President of Marketing for Site Controls has stated that data visibility is very critical for the development of energy management sector. He further added that LiveView helps the chain operators to reduce energy management and maintenance costs.


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