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Grillbots to Demonstrate New Features in Automated Grill-Cleaning Robots at CES 2015

Grillbots have achieved grill domination in 2014, selling more than 40,000 units worldwide. But 2015 brings the next wave of grill-cleaning advancements, with Grillbots not only expanding distribution channels internationally, but also announcing the addition of five new features that will improve the BBQ cleaning process for home grillers.

Grillbots will be demonstrating these new features at CES 2015 at Eureka Park in The Venetian (booth #72435).

With the push of a button, the automated Grillbot completely cleans all grill types. The high-powered motors, rugged wire brushes, and most notably, smart “brain” IC chips, allow for a professional clean in as little as 10 minutes—eliminating baked-on grease and grime.

These automatic hands-free robots stand on the frontline of the robotic revolution, taking over one of the world’s most mundane tasks—cleaning the grill. Grillbots have already made their mark as the king of the grill, and these additional features will only continue to solidify the robots as an essential household tool.

Extended battery life: A new, rechargeable lithium battery extends run time up to 4.5 hours, allowing users to clean their grills up to 27 times before recharging the robot.

Heavy-duty bristles: The Grillbot’s brass and stainless steel bristles are now thicker and stronger, increasing overall lifetime brush use and providing a better clean. Plus, engineers increased the diameter of the brush core to better secure the bristles to the brush head and eliminate bristle thinning. Finally, the brush’s quick-release system was redesigned for easy on-and-off cleaning and replacement.

Enhanced controls: Advancements to the IC chip, which controls the speed and direction of the motorized bristles, assist the robot to more easily maneuver around the grill and allow it to reach up to 98 percent of the entire surface area. Additionally, the on-board LCD screen has been improved to make it easier to see the display in direct sunlight.

Noise-dampening bumpers: Rubber bumpers now snugly fit around the edges of the Grillbot to dampen cleaning noises caused by plastic-to-metal impacts.

Convenient carrying case: The new Grillbot carrying case is weather tight and portable, allowing for easy transportation. Additionally, the case acts as a barrier between grill grease—which can build up on the bot—and other surfaces. Customers can charge their Grillbots while still in the case.

Grillbots also unveiled two (free-to-order) display stands for retailers. The PDQ tray holds six Grillbots and ships as one complete unit for easy instillation. The second floor displays holds 12 Grillbots and 36 brushes, and comes with a video monitor and four videos to help demonstrate the ease and cleaning power of the robots.

Grillbots plans to continue international expansion in 2015, and expects to drastically increase sales by year end. The company has already touched down in Scandinavia and over 30 countries in Europe with the second largest iRobot Roomba distributor. Grillbots recently shipped its first container to New Zealand, Australia, Dubai and Canada. The product is swiftly becoming a mainstay for home barbecuers across the globe, and Grillbots are currently carried in stores like Bed, Bath and Beyond; Sharper Image; Hammacher Schlemmer; Sur La Table; Skymall, Amazon and more.


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