Egg Farms Utilize Robots to Decrease Food Safety Issues

The Chief Executive Officer of Smart Motion Robotics, Scott Gilmore stated that egg farms to decrease pricey food safety problems.


Smart Motion Robotics is a developer of robots for food and farm processors. He added that the robots have the potential to examine and reject eggs that show any sign of problems.

Gilmore commented that there are various industries apart from the egg industry that are turning towards robots to handle the food products. Smart Motion Robotics has also provided robots for a hog processing facility in Canada, and for a big confectionary unit in the Lake County.

Using robots in the food industry is becoming sophisticated and more number of robots is being manufactured to enhance the quality and safety of foods, and to decrease the expense of food production. A manager of an egg facility in Michigan attained a 2% decrease in breakage after deploying a SmartPACKER robot. There has been a significant enhancement in quality after stores witnessed a substantial drop in store returns.


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