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Spantec Uses nRF24AP2 ANT Transceivers to Develop Remote Monitoring Solution

Nordic Semiconductor announced that Spantec, a firm based in Austria, has developed the comprehensive ANT+ telemedical remote monitoring solution by utilizing Nordic’s nRF24AP2 2.4GHz ANT transceivers.

Remote Monitoring System

The i-Residence remote monitoring system utilizes an ANT+ ULP wireless network to identify medical emergencies in private households, hospitals, and nursing homes.

The wireless network uses ANT+ compatible units and wireless relay bridges to link to an ANT+ hub. Emergencies are identified and classified in increasing escalation levels with numerous application-dependent measurement options. These features include an automatic alert system to rescue neighbors or relatives, and an automatic fall detection system. The device also complies with any third party ANT+ fitness, health, or fitness device.

Nordic’s nRF24AP2 2.4GHz solution is incorporated into the GSM modem ANT+ hub that communicates with 64 Nordic nRF24AP2 Spantec relays. The Nordic ANT chips’ Ultra Low Power performance characteristics enable the relays to function from back-up battery power in case of a power failure. The Nordic ANT chips are also immune to interference from the other 2.4GHz wireless sources that operate in the vicinity.


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