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CoroWare Improves Explorer Flexibility

A moving, complicated robotic system incorporating artificial intelligence is currently being deployed to teach complicated engineering. CoroWare has just added a feature upgrade to its Explorer product range that should enhance flexibility of moving robotic projects for educators and scholars researching on outdoor field projects.

Researchers working on cognitive science and outdoor navigation generally need long hours of experimentation in the field that proves a challenge for mobile robots using conventional battery technologies. The company is improving its Explorer series with a hot-swap battery feature for easy and uninterrupted field replacement of charged batteries. The company is also providing extra Nickel Metal Hydride (NiMH) battery packs and intelligent chargers.

First launched in June 2009, the Explorer is able to tolerate contact with common elements that could damage or disable bots less tough, like dirt and dust, leaf debris, shallow puddles, sand and gravel. Comprising a 2.0 GHz processor and a tough object-oriented software development module, the Explorer helps rapid deployment and development of robotic solutions. The top deck of the robot has ample mounting space for more hardware like laser finders and environmental sensors. The open-ended design permits modification and customization of each robot to meet particular needs.


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