Gumstix Releases Update to AeroCore Series of MAV Electronics

Gumstix, Inc. today announced the latest update to its AeroCore series of MAV electronics, providing all the intelligence needed to build the next generation of microaerial vehicles. Comprising a full suite of hardware and software development tools, the AeroCore 2 is available in variants compatible with DuoVero or with Overo computersonmodule (COMs).

Designed with Gumstix’ Geppetto, the AeroCore 2 gives MAV developers greater selection in finding a computing solution tailored to their needs, with high precision GPS, WiFi connected autopilot, and video streaming functionality.

The AeroCore 2 runs NuttX realtime OS on an ARM CortexM4 microcontroller, with space on board for a Linuxpowered supervisor COM. Gumstix COMs have successfully powered many applications in the field of MAVs, from realtime airborne target tracking to flying, selforganized wireless networks. The twotier architecture provides a hard RTOS for machine controls and sensors, and highlevel Linux programs to manage mission intelligence. RC radio control can be implemented by connecting a standard RC receiver.

The AeroCore 2 supports Gumstix’ new precision geopositioning boards, based on ublox’ NEO7 modules . The PreGO board featuring the NEO7M module offers standard ±2.5 meter accuracy at a reduced cost, while the PreGO PPP board with the NEO7P module offers precise, submeter level accuracy using PPP technology at an unbeatable price, with supported RTK capability.

“The AeroCore 2 combines the flexible, highlevel integration of the AeroCore control board with both our bestselling series of COMs, Overo, and dual core processing power with our DuoVero COMs” said W. Gordon Kruberg, M.D., president and CEO of Gumstix, Inc. “COMs have been at the heart of many user projects in the MAV field, and with the recent expansion of interest in MAV applications, the AeroCore 2 offers our users a sophisticated yet simple way to offer wifi enabled autopilot and swarm technology.”

The AeroCore 2 is fully compatible with the PX4 openhardware project’s suite of software, including MAVLink for autopilot communications and QGroundControl as its ground station . In addition, ArduPilot , Mission Planner and APM Planner 2.0 are now supported. The Gumstix AeroCore 2 is available at for $149, while the accessory GPS boards are $49 for the PreGO or $109 for PreGOPPP.

About Gumstix, Inc.
Since developing the first Linux ® based computeronmodule in 2003, Gumstix has grown to become the premier provider of Linux ® based COMs and expansion boards, with over 20,000 diverse customers in more than 40 countries. Gumstix' commitment to providing the best, standard platform for ubiquitous, intelligent devices with flexible and opensource design results in less internal development time and faster timetomarket for its customers’ products. For more information, visit .


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