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CYIL’s Hybrid Diesel Engine Features Automated Learning

China Yuchai International Limited(CYIL) has declared that at an assessment meeting arranged by the Ministry of Science and Technology Guangxi province, professionals deduced that its major ancillary Guangxi Yuchai Machinery Company Ltd' "commercial vehicle hybrid diesel engine," (YCHPT) has attained the maximum technical norms within China.

China’s National High-tech Development Program, otherwise known as the 863 Program also enlists GYMCL’s hybrid vehicle program. With this success, the company has emerged as a top leader in the manufacture of hybrid engines, living up to the quality standards of other similar competitors in the global market.

YCHPT is China’ first indigenously built uniaxial commercial hybrid vehicle. Its novel features include adaptable joining, automated learning by means of system-on-a-chip (SOC), innovative mechatronics layout and a highly competent technology for energy reusing, intelligent shift control, manual transmission and clutch shift.

The engines of these hybrid vehicles enable effective utilization of fuel and significant reduction of emissions from the diesel engine. YCHPT gives a better power savings of 20% than that of conventional diesel engines. The hybrid vehicle reveals better consistency by attaining the mileage grade of 10 million km. Mr. Wang Binggang, a known professional in motor vehicle industry has reported that GYMCL’ energy conserving efficiency and reduced cost will enable these vehicles to easily compete with foreign brands.

According to Mr. Boo Guan Saw, President of China Yuchai, Ministry of Science and Technology’ sign of recognition serves as a resilient authorization of their advanced research and enhanced efforts. He stated that with the launch of their hybrid vehicles, their company can directly compete with the foreign brands that are controlling the Chinese market and their new R&D institute situated in Nanning will help them to continue their domination in the diesel engines sector.


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