Infrax Developing Security & Agricultural Drones Using IoT Technology

Infrax Systems Inc., a global provider of Internet of Things and Smart Grid Technologies for the electric utility and agricultural industries, announces today that the Company is developing security and agricultural drones using SNIC technology for its utility and agritech customers, including HempTech Corp (FWDG).

Security Drones will be implemented with the next version of the SPIDer II security network. The Company will utilize its HIB, Host Interface Board, of its flagship product SNIC (Secure Network Interface Card) for secure communication for the development of the drones. The development of Security & Agricultural Drones will be in conjunction with a joint venture with HempTech Corp (FWDG). Infrax Systems will work with third party drone manufacturers to embed its technologies for Security & Agricultural Drones.

For the first time, agricultural drones will legally be able to gather widespread data across an entire growing season, allowing companies to test their business models and technologies together for the first time. Precision agriculture--crop management that uses GPS and big data--will be the most efficient way to boost crop yields and profits while resolving water and food crises specially in States such as California.

According to Forbes, a widely-cited drone report released by the Association for Unmanned Vehicle Systems International predicts that the legalization of commercial drones will create more than $80 billion in economic impact (such as revenue, job creation) between 2015 and 2025, and that precision agriculture will provide the biggest piece of that growth. Advanced sensors that are at the heart of the drones will claim a large chunk of the UAV cost stack, accounting for $670 million.

According to Lux Research, U.S. still will lead in unit sales. Sales of drones will reach 1.4 million in 2025. Sales in the United States will top the list with 330,000 units, while Europe and South America follow, each with around 200,000 units.

Infrax will utilize on board low power 900MHz type radio which is capable of operating in several modes and provides a communications path independent of the main COMMOD on the SNIC.  The radio is a global standards radio, capable of operation in the 915MHz band in the U.S. as well as the 867MHz band worldwide and is specifically designed to work in the new IEEE 802.15.4g standards.  The data transmission will be inherently secure due to the innate security function of the SNIC platform.


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