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Robotic Bedside Monitor has Patient SafetyNet

Oridion, which had earlier developed the Smart Capnography series of solutions based on algorithms, has launched the Capnostream 20.

This is a robotic bedside monitor that is meant to provide capnography and monitor whether the room has proper ventilation and if not whether medication is required in the initial stages in patients. The remotely controlled monitoring system is a Masimo Patient SafetyNet.

The company entered into an agreement with Masimo in 2009. Masimo had earlier developed the Pulse CO-Oximetry and Measure-Through Motion and Low Perfusion pulse oximetry that had confirmed connectivity between the Capnostream 20 monitors and the Masimo Patient SafetyNet.

All the three technologies incorporated into the bedside monitor provide both capnography and pulse oximetry in the care of patients in hospitals. It is a remote monitoring system and gives information to the doctor about the condition of the patient. It has the Oridion Smart Capnography feature, the Integrated Pulmonary Index (IPI) that facilitates quick identifying and trending of Oridion etCO2 and rate of breathing along with the SET SpO2 from Masimo. It also monitors the pulse rate thus helping the doctor to receive a concise and accurate assessment of the patient's breathing and respiratory systems.

The complete solution will enhance the protection of the patient while also upgrading hospital operations. The IPI mates the capnography and pulse oximetry values into a single index that is easy to understand by everyone concerned, and makes monitoring of the patient’s respiratory condition much simpler. The data collected by the two systems is transmitted through a pager with precise and dependable information.


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