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IC Real Tech Announces Online Availability of ALLie Home 360 x 360 Degree Video Camera

IC Real Tech, a leader in disruptive video hardware and software solutions with over 10 years’ experience in video surveillance systems for military, government, residential and commercial markets, today announced that its award-winning ALLie Home 360 x 360 degree video camera, which is poised to be a leading camera for both DIY/home security and in-home video monitoring, is now available for online ordering at

Pronounced “all-ie”, like “selfie”, the ALLie Home delivers an immersive virtual reality viewing experience as if the user is standing in the location in real-time. The ALLie Home features a revolutionary dual-megapixel-sensor 360 X 360 degree camera that captures motion video in High Definition (4K) from floor-to-ceiling and completely around itself (360-degrees vertically by 360-degrees horizontally), assuring that no blind spots occur and addressing a major issue with existing home security and surveillance cameras currently on the market.

The compact, portable form factor of ALLie Home, which is about the size of a baseball, makes it suitable to easily move from room-to-room, or even take outside to capture events such as sports, parties or concerts. ALLie Home connects to display devices via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth 4.0. The camera also integrates both a microphone and speaker for two-way communication.

Using the proprietary ALLie App, users can enjoy a seamless monitoring experience via all compatible display devices, including iOS and Android devices, as well as ZEISS and Oculus VR headsets. Video can be recorded to ALLie Home’s built-in memory chip or users can subscribe to the Company’s optional cloud storage service available through the ALLie App. Navigation is achieved by panning the display in the desired directions or by finger control of the display’s screen.

“IC Real Tech is pleased to announce that consumers can now order their ALLie Home online,” said IC Real Tech CEO Matt Sailor. “ALLie Home is the ultimate holiday gift for consumers looking to experience the next level of secure immersive home video monitoring and the added benefits of creating personal virtual reality videos.”

Sailor added, “ALLie Home’s distinct advantage over other home security cameras on the market is its significantly larger field of view, ensuring no corner of a room is missed for maximum surveillance and peace of mind.”

ALLie Home has been recognized by multiple awards, including Security Products Magazine’s 2015 New Product of the Year award, Reuters’ 2015 Best of CES list and the 2015 Consumer Electronics Associations Mark of Excellence award. Additionally, ALLie Home was endorsed earlier this year by YouTube for its 360 initiative.

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